Marketing Topic: Concept, Characteristic, Tips – 2020

Marketing in terms of market and territory is a large complex of marketing activities, including a lot of features and directions. Marketing topics act as the main part of the entire market system and the development of many industries in the world. Marketing tools and types of markets will help to understand the interaction between subjects, their tasks and objectives.

Each of the subjects must carry out marketing research, as they are all dependent on market activity. Marketing analysis determines the types of requests, tasks, conditions and funds of the subjects.

The main directions and functionalities of marketing activities:

  1. Analyze the functions. They are responsible for the analytical complex system, the conditions and opportunities, the tendency of their changes, the requirements of consumers, the sources of resources, the study of other topics related to this activity, the current level of development of the marketing topic.
  2. Sales and production functions. Developing new products and production processes, launching products on the market, providing services and distribution channels, planning pricing policy and promoting sales.
  3. Subject control and management. Total management of the strategic part of the activity, setting marketing objectives and solving them, evaluating effectiveness.

Basic concepts:

  1. Production. It is assumed that buyers are prone to products that are the most popular in the mass and are available in the price. Task: increase productivity.
  2. Commodity. It implies that the demand is growing more and more for quality goods. Task: product improvement.
  3. Commercial. It is assumed that the success of the product depends on the scope and sales promotion. Task: Expand sales channels.
  4. Traditional. Leads to the study of public inquiries and the development of optimal solutions on the market. The task: to find out the need of the buyer and to satisfy the demand.
  5. Social. Satisfy the desires of consumers, while providing benefits to society. For example, the production and sale of organic products, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, etc.
  6. Management and relationship. This means satisfying consumers through partnerships and joint activities aimed at the economic and commercial sphere, both internationally and in the same state between territories, to the detriment of common interests.

Territorial Marketing

In this activity, there is such a thing as territorial marketing. This involves the interests of the territories, their internal and external subjects. The types of local marketing are divided into the following groups:

  1. State marketing implemented by the government (political organizations and foundations, government, attracting investment, large domestic producers, etc.).
  2. Regional marketing (regional organizations, regional authorities, travel agencies, business enterprises, educational institutions, cultural and sports organizations, etc.).
  3. Municipal, urban or in a single settlement, marketing. These are the local administration, residents, local producers, infrastructure, financial institutions, educational institutions, etc.

The process of introducing a marketing plan into action is the main objective and begins with the initial work cycle, which is the creation of a base of territorial entities, the collection of information about the territory as a whole and the implementation of marketing analyzes. It helps to choose the most appropriate strategy for changes and improvements of the external and internal conditions of the territory.

At this stage, the necessary measures are taken for the development of the area, financial investments, procedures that attract the public interest, the distribution of budgetary funds for territorial needs and the control of competitors.

Written By Guy Mitchell